As a new generation of dual channel ion chromatograph, CIC-D300 + ion chromatograph has the functions of high-definition touch screen, integrated eluent generator, ultra pure online purification module, suction sampling system, two-stage infusion system, overall heating and insulation system, all-round safety assurance system, etc., which can be controlled independently, with stable performance, powerful function and high intelligence. Each channel operates independently at the same time without mutual interference, realizing the simultaneous detection of cation and anion

Technology Advantage:

  • The core parts are upgraded completely and produced independently
  • Online purification system: ion purification, degassing, preheating
  • Non degassing eluent generation technology: more stable, safer and smoother
  • New suppression technology, higher conductivity detection technology, redefine the detection limit to achieve ultra trace detection
  • Overall constant temperature: through multi-point temperature control, overall insulation design
  • The new generation of intelligent workstation based on artificial intelligence self-learning makes analysis easier and data more accurate
  • Comprehensive security system
  • Three in one intelligent control system
  • Twinning multiple injection modes
  • Cation and anion are detected simultaneously by two channels without interference

Infusion Pump with Dual Power Pump Head

Maximum Pressure: 42 MPa
Pressure Display Accuracy: ≤0.1MPa
Flow Rate Range: 0.001~9.999mL/min

Integrated Heating System

Temperature control range: ambient temperature + 5-60 ℃
Allowable error of temperature setting value of column incubator: ± 0.3℃
Temperature stability: ≤ 0.1 ℃ / h

Autosampler (Optional)

Conductivity Detector

Cell Volume:≤0.8μL
Measuring Range:0-50000μS/cm
Detection Resolution:0.0020nS/cm
Baseline Noise:≤0.0003μS/cm
Baseline Drift:≤0.001μ
Max Pressure:10Mpa
Min Detection Limit:Cl-≤0.0001μg/mL Li+≤0.0001μg/mL
Instrument Linearity:≥0.999
Qualitative Repeatability:≤0.05%
Quantitative Repeatability:≤0.3%


The resin filled self regenerative suppressor has strong pressure resistance, no leakage at 6Mpa and normal operation at 2MPa.
Dead volume: < 40 μL. More sensitive response signal
Suppression capacity: 200 μ eq / min (anion), 100 μ eq/ min (cation)
A special suppressor suitable for small diameter and small flow rate can be selected, with smaller dead volume and lower detection limit.

Constant Pressure and Low Pressure Degassing Device

Degassing Efficiency: 90% degassing at 1.0ml/min
Degassing Volume: 7.5mL

Gas Liquid Separator

The gas-liquid separator can remove most of the bubbles entering the flow path, and the operation of the instrument is more stable.

Mobile Phone APP

The status parameters of the instrument can be viewed and set remotely through app, and the instrument can be controlled and operated.

LCD Touch Screen

The 10 inch large LCD touch screen can control the components of the chromatographic pump, suppressor, column heater, the conductivity detector,  eluent generator and other parts, and also can send the operation information to the operator in real time. It greatly improves the human-computer interaction ability and provides great convenience for the experimental personnel.