CIC-D150 ion chromatograph is designed for the intelligentization, which realizes the functions of remote control by mobile APP, timing startup and preheating, one-key intelligent maintenance, etc. it is more convenient to use and greatly improves the productivity and user experience of the laboratory.

Technology Advantage:

  • Leakage alarm,the pump will stop automatically after 5 minutes if no treatment;

  • Auto-range to realize the simultaneous determination of 5ppb-100ppm concentration sample without setting the range;

  • A micro gas-liquid separator is set to remove the bubble from the eluent;

  • By timing startup and preheating function ,users can set the start-up and all parameters of the instrument in advance (the maximum setting is 24 hours);

  • Set „intelligent maintenance“, the instrument can complete the flow path switch to the pure water path;

  • The mobile APP can remotely control the instrument on / off and observe the operation performance parameters of the instrument;

  • The large screen displays the operation parameters and status of the instrument.


Maximum Pressure:42MPa
Pressure Display Accuracy:≤0.1MPa
Flow Rate Range:0.001~9.999mL/min


Maximum Pressure:35MPa

Conductivity Detector

Cell Volume: ≤0.8μL
Detection Range:0~45000μS/cm
Baseline Noise:≤0.001μS
Baseline Drift:≤0.001μS
Detection Resolution: ≤0.0020nS/cm
Electronic Noise:0.02nS
Temperature Range:Room temperature+5~60℃(41 ~140℉)
Maximum Pressure:10.0MPa

Column Heater

Net Weight(KGS):26
Gross Weight(KGS):32