CIC-D180 is a new generation of intelligent ion chromatograph of SHINE. The simple pipeline layout and various component configurations make CIC-D180 flexible and changeable. It can be equipped with various detectors on demand to realize the combination technology easily. It can also be transformed into dual system and two-dimensional ion chromatograph, which is suitable for various application scenarios.

Technology Advantage:

High definition touch screen can display the flow path and running status of the instrument in real time, operate with one key and view at any time The built-in eluent generator generates high-purity KOH and MSA eluent by electrolysis, which saves manual configuration time and completes more detection items by gradient elution Built in gas-liquid separation system can filter out the bubbles in the flow path, enhance the stability. In the heating degassing unit, there is an integrated on-line vacuum chamber, which can remove the gas in the eluent on-line to make the experimental results more accurate The intelligent alarm function can recognize the leaks Using intelligent detector to detect the residual liquid in the eluent cartridge in real time Clarity software can realize the detection and control of each component of the platform, and output the analysis results Mobile APP can master every step of analysis in real time without manual attendance, making the work easy and Efficient.


Maximum Pressure: 42 MPa
Pressure Display Accuracy: ≤0.1MPa
Flow Rate Range: 0.001~9.999mL/min

Built-in Eluent Generator

Eluent Types : KOH/MSA
Eluent Concentration Range :0.1-100mM
Gradient Accuracy :0.2%
Flow Rate Range:0.1-5.0mL/min

Conductivity Detector

Cell Volume:≤0.8μL
Detection Range: 0~50000μS/cm
Detection Resolution:≤0.0020nS/cm
Electronic Noise:0.02nS
Maximum Pressure:10.0MPa


Power Requirements:150W Pressure:≤30MPa
Dimensions(L*W*H*):500*360*550 (mm)
Net Weight(KGS):32
Gross Weight(KGS):40