CIC-D100 ion chromatograph is a classic product of SHINE, which has been accepted by many customers.Based on the latest requirements of users,a newly upgraded CIC-D100 for conventional detection came into being.The new IC not only can detect anions, cations and other polar substances in different matrix samples, but also separate ions with 4 orders of magnitude difference.Compared with the previous one, it is more accurate and reliable. One key switch and intelligent maintenance functions are added to give users a better experience. It is suitable for commercial labs, enterprises, environmental protection, chemical industry, mining & metallurgy ,etc.

Technology Advantage:

Auto-range Conductivity Detector
It can directly detect the signal from ppb to ppm concentration without adjusting the range

Eluent preheating
By keeping the temperature of the eluent entering the column constant to ensure data stability

Intelligent switch
Just click once to complete the startup parameter setting and shutdown operation

Multiple detectors available
Standard : conductivity detector
Optional: ampere, UV, mass spectrometer and other detectors


Maximum Pressure: 42MPa
Flow Rate Range: 0.001~9.999mL/min


Maximum Pressure: 35MPa
External Diameter of The Tube: 1/16″

Conductivity Detector

Cell Volume: ≤0.8μL
Detection Range: 0~35000μS/cm
Baseline Noise: ≤0.001μS/cm
Baseline Drift: ≤0.02μS
Temperature Range: Room temperature+5~60℃(41 ~140℉)
Maximum Pressure: 10.0MPa

Column Heater

Operating Temperature Range: 20 ~60℃(68~140℉)
Temperature Accuracy: ±1℃
Temperature Stability: ≤0.05℃/h